Supreme Autographs


I have now moved pictures and information about the autographs I have gotten over to my “new” autograph blog: I will continue working on it to make it as useful and helpful as possible. I believe that there is much more that I will be able to do on Blogspot, than I was able to do here on WordPress with the free blog I ran. The blog I’m using on Blogspot is also 100% but I’m allowed to use ads so hopefully I’ll be able to make a little money from those, or possibly sell more copies of my books if I get enough page views and followers over there.

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As always, I really appreciate everyone that takes the time to look at my blogs, and to all of you that have posted comments and sent me emails. I do this because I know it helps other people around the world that share this amazing hobby.


The Future Of Cliff’s Autographs


I’ve been wanting to make a change to this blog for some¬† time, it has reached a plateau and I’ve been wanting to make things better. All of my other blogs are on Blogspot so I’ve decided to create an autograph blog on there called “Supreme Autographs”. When I started “Cliff’s Autographs” it started out as a place where I could post pictures and information about my autographs and look at them at any time without having to fumble through photo albums and binders and risk accidentally damaging them or something. But now there are hundreds, possibly thousands of different people from all over the world that look at this blog on a weekly basis. I haven’t been getting as many autographs as I used to for a few different reasons, but I’m really working on getting more.

A few days ago I received an email asking me from another collector asking me if I allow other collectors to submit success’s to be shared on here. I have thought about it in the past, but could never think of a good way to do it. Now that I’m planning on simplifying the information I post, mostly limiting my regular success posts to pictures and contact information, it would now actually be easy for people to email me pictures and contact information of their success’s to me for me to post on my blog and share with everyone! If you would like to do that, please email the pictures and contact information to: and write something like “Autograph Success” or “Autograph Information” into the subject area so that I will know that it’s not an email from a scammer.

I’m going to start transferring all the post from here onto today, and I’ll start by transferring the oldest posts first.

Here’s another nice website of TTM autographs: